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Events at EPHEA

Mentoring for early-career Equity Practitioners

In 2023 our inaugural mentoring program provided 20 early-career and experienced Equity Practitioners the opportunity to connect and learn from each other, creating a network and community of practice.

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EPHEA Conference

The biennial EPHEA conference is as a key professional development forum for equity practitioners in a wide range of fields to highlight best practice in student and staff equity.


Equity practitioners across the higher education sectors in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific and internationally are invited to participate.  Researchers specialising in higher education equity issues are also welcome.

Annual General Meeting

EPHEA's AGM takes place at the EPHEA conference, or digitally in a non-conference year. 

Professional Development

EPHEA hosts a series of Professional Development events for members. These are advertised via members-only channels.

Submissions and media releases

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Submission: Implementing Suburban University Study Hubs

September 2023

EPHEA has responded to the Australian Government Department of Education Implementing Suburban University Study Hubs consultation paper.


We strongly supports the goal of suburban study hubs, in increasing access to higher education for people from the most vulnerable communities.


Perspectives on the challenges to access and equity in HE

September 2021

A collection of articles from 17 leading global figures in the field of higher education (HE) equity argues that we are at a critical moment where access to HE for those from minority and disadvantaged majority groups is concerned.


The articles show that there is a real risk that inequalities in HE access will become further entrenched as we emerge from the pandemic without concerted, collaborative action by policymakers and university leaders.

Image of two presenters at EPHEA 2019 Conference

2018-19 WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

February 2019

EPHEA congratulates winners of the 2018-19 Workplace Gender Equality Agency Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation holders. 

Gender equality can't be solved through citations or strategies on paper it has to be embraced by all staff and lead by visionary leaders who understand the barriers and want to lead change.

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EPHEA Submission: Support to Students Policy

September 2023

EPHEA has responded to the Australian Government Department of Education consultation paper on 'Support for students policy' requirements. 

If pass rate requirements are removed as proposed, accountability and reporting requirements for higher education providers will be strengthened through the new requirement that higher education providers have to comply with a Support for students policy.

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Response to Job-ready Graduates Package draft legislation

August 2020

The Equity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia (EPHEA) provided feedback to the Minister for Education, Skills and Employment - the Honorable Dan Tehan MP on the Job-ready Graduates Package draft legislation.


Supporting regional, rural and remote students in HE

February 2019

EPHEA provided recommendations, and met with, the Regional Education Expert Advisory Group in relation the National Regional, Rural and Remote Education Strategy aimed to drive increased participation in post-secondary education. ​

In response to the National Regional, Rural and Remote Education Strategy Framing Paper EPHEA made several recommendations to better support for students from regional, rural and remote (RRR) locations.

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EPHEA Submission to the
Accord Interim Report

August 2023

EPHEA provided a response to the Australian Government Department of Education Australian Universities Accord Interim Report. The Accord outlines a vision for the future of Australia’s higher education system.


EPHEAs response was compiled based on feedback from our members representing institutions from all states and territories across Australia.

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Response to proposed
Higher Education Reforms

July 2020

EPHEA contacted the Minister for Education, Skills and Employment to provide feedback on the proposed Higher Education reforms.


Of note are the proposed changes to the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) and the establishment of the Indigenous, Regional and Low-SES Attainment Fund (IRLAF).


10 steps to a more equitable higher education system

November 2018

EPHEA provided  information to both the Minister for Education and Training, and the Opposition Minister for Education and Training (read our letter here) in response to Labor’s announcements committing to boost equity and participation in Australian Universities.


EPHEA believes that a bipartisan approach to equity in HE is a productive and necessary way forward to improve policy settings conducive to participation by equity groups in this sector.

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