EPHEA is an incorporated body under the NSW Associated Incorporations Act 2009.

Our incorporation number is INC9896986 and date of incorporation was 19 March 2012. A copy of the constitution is below.

Strategic Plan

The strategic objectives and activities included in EPHEA's Strategic Plan reflects the organisation's mission. The objectives have been modelled on feedback collated from Equity Practitioners at the 2017 AGM.


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Under the Constitution EPHEA has a committee voted in at the AGM as part of the biennial conference. The Committee includes executive positions and ordinary members from each state or territory (where feasible) with interests in staff and/or student equity from Australia and New Zealand. The EPHEA Executive is a volunteer committee.


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To contact the Committee complete the form on the contact page or email members directly. 




We encourage each State and Territory to have a convenor whom facilitates networking and collaboration.


The New Zealand chapter also organises local networking opportunities.


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