The aim of the EPHEA list is to allow EPHEA members to collaborate on equity-related issues that impact staff and students in higher education.

The EPHEA listservs has been extremely useful to members, especially those working in isolation. It provides opportunities to discuss policy, share innovations and ask questions.


EPHEA members-only list


As an EPHEA member you will be automatically subcribed to a members-only EPHEA list where we will post you our quarterly newsletter, information relevant to members and information on the AGM, special forum and conference information.



You can post information to this list at ephea-list@list.utas.edu.au This is a moderated list so there may be a delay between posting and authorising comments.


Please don't cross-post EPHEA members-only information to other lists.


If you are not currently a member please complete the EPHEA membership.


Listserv etiquette


  • EPHEA List is for members only. Please do not cross-post information to other forums.

  • Make your subject line as meaningful and relevant as possible so people can determine whether to read/answer.

  • Be mindful of how much traffic you are generating with questions - have you done your research first?

  • Consider whether you need to 'Reply All' or simply 'Reply' to the person posing the question. As the person who poses the question you might like to post the collated results to the group.

  • Please consider appropriate language, acronyms and terminology